One of our loyal customers, Mr Ilkka Hyttimen of Ecoliving Limited in Hong Kong, kindly shared with us his experience about Tikkurila paints as follows:

“I know Tikkurila from home as I originally come from Finland. In Finland Tikkurila paints have been the quality choice for a long time. When I heard from my Finnish friends in China who used to work for Tikkurila, that I had a possibility to buy the paints and use them in my house project in Hong Kong, I didn’t have to think twice.”

“For me Tikkurila paints are a safe option. With them I don’t have to worry about quality issues, VOC, indoor air quality, mold or other airborne particles that some other paints produce. I also appreciate the fact that with Tikkurila paints I can clean the walls and ceilings with a moist cloth and don’t have to worry about damaging the paint.The wall looks and stays as it was painted just yesterday for a long time.”