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Tikkurila painting lesson: How to paint interior walls

Painting interior walls is an easy and quick way to remodel an apartment.  These instructions will help even novices to achieve a good end result…….

Nova Plast 7 Wall Paint Awarded Allergy And Asthma Label

Nova 7 Wall Paint was accredited with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel soon after its formula was upgraded in early 2016, and was later……

Renovation and Paint-How to choose quality paint for renovation?

Homeowners planning renovations often care about every single detail of their renovation projects except the selection of paint……

Toha Kid’s Room Paint put to alternative use

A wall coated with Toha Kid’s Room Paint is not only good for children to draw graffiti on (using a water-based pen) but can also become an art corner for a professional painter!

Nova series awarded Nordic Swan ecolabel

A variety of Tikkurila products awarded Nordic Swan ecolabel……

Feelings Extra Durable + Feelings Moisture Stop

The products offers excellent waterproof performance ……