Luja 7 Wall Paint
2.7L | HK$1,230


Tin Size: 2.7L | HK$1,230

Gloss Grade: Matt

Coverage: 7-9㎡ x 2 coats / Litre

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Special high-performance acrylic paint containing an anti-mould agent that protects the paint film. Hygiene and food safe approved. Meets the requirements of the Finnish Food Law 23/2006 allowing safe use in the food industry and in indirect contact with food. Scrubbable with strong detergents. Hospital certified and suitable for interior painting of concrete, plaster, filler treated, brick, cardboard, chipboard and wood fibreboard surfaces. Recommended use: Interior walls and ceilings in premises in which high wash and wear resistance is required, such as lobbies, staircases, corridors, patient rooms and other surfaces which are subject to higher than normal stress.

Note: The price(s) shown above is (are) for white paints only. A tinting fee is charged for paints of other colours.

Country of Origin: Finland
Thinner: Water
Base paints: ‘A’ and ‘C’ paints. ‘A’ paint is white and can be applied directly or upon being tinted, ‘C’ paint cannot be applied directly and must be tinted before use.
Chemical resistance: Resists cleaning chemicals and weak solvents, such as White Spirit.
Colour Range: Available in white and the complete Tikkurila Symphony Colour Collection.
Application Details:
Application method: Brush, roller, or spray application. For airless spray use a 0.017” – 0.021” spray tip.
Thinning: Thin with up to 10% of water if necessary.


This information is only intended as a guide. The actual coverage will depend on the substrate texture, absorption rate, construction methods, and many other factors.

Preparation: Remove all dirt and dust from an unpainted surface. The remaining coating on a previously painted surface should be thoroughly cleaned with detergent and water before being sanded. If necessary, fill any cracks and smooth the surface with a suitable filler, and sand the dried surface. Painting should be done on a dry wall at room temperature above 5℃ and relative humidity of 80%.  Remove the sanding dust.
Painting: Prime with e.g. Varma Primer, before applying 2 coats of Luga 7. Stir well before use and thin with up to 10% water, if necessary. Normally touch-dry in 2 hours and recoatable after 4 hours.
Environmental and waste disposal Empty tins should be recycled or disposed of in accordance with local regulations. Liquid waste should be destroyed according to local regulations.
Storage Protect from frost. Any remaining paint can be preserved for future use with the cap placed back on.
Shelf Life 3 years with the cap still intact. The expiry date is marked on the tin.