Correct tools are the key to success
Roller Roller pole Extension pole
Paint tray Masking tape Paint edger
Presto LF filler


(Cleaning Agent)


(Tool Cleaner)

Painting interior walls is an easy and quick way to remodel an apartment.  These instructions will help even novices to achieve a good end result.

Clean the wall to be painted with Maalipesu (a cleaning agent) according to the instructions on the label. Cover floors with paper. Use masking tape to cover baseboards, sockets and light switches.

Fill any holes and cracks with Presto FL renovation filler. Sand the dried surface and remove sanding dust.  Paint the patched surfaces with Varma Primer. The wall is painted with matte Harmony Interior Paint.

(Alternatively, you may choose to use any of Tikkurila’s other super eco-friendly paints, e.g. Joker Interior Wall Paint, Premium Ecological Interior Paint, Toha Kids Room Paint, Nova Plast 7 Wall Paint, etc.)

Mark off the edges either with a paint edger or a brush and masking tape. It’s recommended to use an extension pole while painting. It makes painting more ergonomic and the end result will be tidier.

Cover the paint tray with a plastic bag so it will remain tidy for the next time it is used. Roll the roller in the tray so that it is completely covered by paint and to ensure that the paint is well absorbed.

Try the same amount of paint consistently so that the surface will be uniform. Start painting from the right if you are right-handed. Ensure there is enough lighting.

Apply the paint 2 or 3 roller widths at a time in crisscross strokes and finish in sole strokes going from the bottom of the wall upwards.  Always keep the side of the roller that is attached to the pole away from the finished surface as that side of the roller is heavier.

The painted surface will dry quickly so don’t touch the painted surface again. You can apply a second coat in an hour if necessary.

Wrap up the tools tightly in a plastic bag for the duration of the break. Remove the masking tape as soon as you have finished painting. Wipe the sides of the paint can and close the lid carefully. Wash the tools with soap and water or tikkurila’s special tool cleaner.

You can now enjoy the refreshed atmosphere in your home.