Our customer Mr Cheng, who lives in Saigon, likes to hang his favourite photos, pictures and ornaments on the wall. While in good mood, he would use a piece of chalk to draw graffiti on the wall.

However, he didn’t need to fix a nail or hang a blackboard on the wall. All he had to do was just to apply Feelings Magnetic Paint and Liitu Blackboard Paint on it. The so-called “Blackboard Paint” is not black only, and can be tinted into any colour of your choice.

It is simple to create a magnetic blackboard wall: First of all, apply primer on the smooth wall, then scrap three coats of magnetic paint on it, once a day, before applying the primer again. Finally, apply two coats of the blackboard paint, and then you’re done.

The “magnetic blackboard wall” is excellent in quality with three layers of Feelings Magnetic Paint and two coats of Liitu Blackboard Paint. Only narrow strips of magnetic tape are stuck on the back of photo frames and metal plates.