Visiting friends happily draw graffiti on our office wall using a water-based pen, and then easily rub it out, thanks to the washable and highly abrasion-resistant Tikkurila coating. The performance of Tikkurila paints is indeed unparalleled to any other product on the market.


When stricken by inspiration, innocent kids may draw doodles on the walls to make their parents feel much annoyed. However, the provision of a blackboard wall at home may serve the double purpose of giving the kids a space to display their creativity and preventing the other walls from being scribbled.

Liitu Blackboard Paint is an eco-friendly waterborne acrylic paint that can produce a very good chalk writing effect on its coating and scribbles on it can be easily erased.  It has two versions: one is black in colour, and the other can be tinted into thousands of colours.

It may be a good idea for parents to make available a blackboard wall at home to accompany the growth of their kids.



Price: HK$445

Country of Origin:Finland

Can size:1L

Coverage:9-12m2 (1 coat)/Can


The Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate has classified building materials into three groups according to their VOC emission levels. The top M1 class is reserved for materials that emit extremely low levels of compounds into the atmosphere. M1 certification is granted by RTS, the Finnish Building Information Foundation, to materials approved in laboratory tests. A panel of professionals also evaluates the product’s odour emissions.

Most of Tikkurila’s interior paints have been awarded the M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials.

 7573809821464581430  Finnish M1 & M2 Emission Classification of Building Materials

               Environmental label

Tested items





 TVOC  <0.2  <0.4
 Formaldehyde  <0.05  <0.125
 Ammonia  <0.03  <0.06
 Odour  Nil Insignificant

The Finnish M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials is recognised as the coatings  industry’s most stringent accreditation that tests for the actual amounts of volatiles but not their contents. It is the best proof of the super low-odour quality of Tikkurila paints.

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EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel imposes extremely strict requirements for the environmental performance of products, and only less than 5% the European coatings industry have been awarded this label.

A number of Tikkurila products have been awarded this eco accreditation, including Joker, Toha Kid’s Room Paint, Premium Ecological Interior Paint, the Optiva Series, etc.

Eu Ecolabel

Eu Ecolabel Joker


Premium Ecological Interior Paint

Premium Ecological Interior Paint

Toha Kid's Room Paint

Toha Kid’s Room Paint

Optiva Series

Optiva Series


Many of the world’s famous buildings have been coated with Tikkurila paints, proving the brand’s incomparable superior quality. Here are some notable examples:

The Finnish Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010

 Kremlin Palace

Swedish Royal Palace

People’s Bank of China Building

Finnish President’s Residence

We have recently imported a new magnetic paint from Finland for choice by customers who are having their homes renovated. A wall initially painted with the grey magnetic paint can be well beautified by having it repainted in a brighter colour, redering it an attractive multi-purpose ‘magnetic board’ for displaying daily messages or children’s drawings as well as for hanging iron gadgets, etc. It serves to provide creative inspirations for interior designers to decorate their customers’ homes.

Price: HK$645
Newly imported from Finland
Colour: Grey
Gloss Grade: Matt
Can Size: 0.5L
Coverage: 1-2 m² (2-3 coats)/L

One of our loyal customers, Mr Ilkka Hyttimen of Ecoliving Limited in Hong Kong, kindly shared with us his experience about Tikkurila paints as follows:

“I know Tikkurila from home as I originally come from Finland. In Finland Tikkurila paints have been the quality choice for a long time. When I heard from my Finnish friends in China who used to work for Tikkurila, that I had a possibility to buy the paints and use them in my house project in Hong Kong, I didn’t have to think twice.”

“For me Tikkurila paints are a safe option. With them I don’t have to worry about quality issues, VOC, indoor air quality, mold or other airborne particles that some other paints produce. I also appreciate the fact that with Tikkurila paints I can clean the walls and ceilings with a moist cloth and don’t have to worry about damaging the paint.The wall looks and stays as it was painted just yesterday for a long time.”

The Finland-manufactured Toha Kid’s ROOM Paint has been awarded the EU Ecolabel and the European Allergy and Asthma Label. It also conforms to the stringent requirements of the Finnish M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials with near-zero VOC emissions, performing extremely well in terms of environmental protection.

This acrylic latex paint produces a very silky semi-matt finish with very good scrub and water resistance. It is also stain resistant and easy to clean.

Toha Kid’s ROOM Paint is so named because it is particularly suitable for the purpose as children’s doodles on walls coated with it can be easily rubbed out with a wet towel.

  EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel launched in 1992 has since become Europe’s most authoritative environmental accreditation setting stringent requirements on the materials and production processes of products.

Finnish M1 Classification

In Finland, all building materials are classified into three categories – M1, M2 and M3 – in accordance with their VOC emission levels (not contents). M1 is the category with the lowest level of emissions.

European Asthma & Allergy Label

The Asthma and Allergy label indicates that a product has passed a series of professional tests and meets the strict product-specific requirements, containing no fragrances or other generally irritating or sensitising agents. The label helps customers select products that do not generally irritate or sensitise the skin or cause respiratory symptoms.

Product Experience


Our painter opens the lid of Toka Kid’s Room Paint at a renovation site and takes a sniff of the paint at a close distance to find that it is odourless. Unlike the case of some other paints where a pungent odour is released once the lid is opened. The European Allergy and Asthma Label, as well as the Finnish M1 Emission Classification, really live up to their reputation.

 Colour and viscosity

Our painter gently scoops up some paint on a piece of wood to observe that Toha is pure white, as well as creamy and silky without any particles or bubbles in it.

Stain resistance

We use a water-based pen to draw a flower on a wall coated with Toha Kid’s ROOM Paint, and then easily rub it out with a wet paper towel after a while.

 Water Resistance

Some Toha Paint is spread on the surface of a mesh bowl and left to be completely dry before water is poured into the bowl. The fact that not even a drop of water leaks out proves that Toha’s waterproof performance is excellent.

The bove tests have proved that Toha is not only eco-friendly but also performs extremely well in terms of stain and water resistance. It is suitable for use in kid’s ROOMS as well as living rooms and bedrooms.

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