Tunto Hieno – Fine Textured Finish
2.7L | HK$950

Tin Size & price: 2.7L | HK$950
Gloss Grade: Full Matt
Coverage: 1-9㎡ x 1/ Litre
Technical Data:
Eco Accreditations:
芬蘭M1認證 國際標準組織生產品質/環境管理認證(IS09001)國際標準組織生產品質/環境管理認證(IS014001)


Environmentally friendly, can be used for indoor three-dimensional modeling, and can be adjusted with a variety of colors, rich in three-dimensional effect, and rich in texture, suitable for DIY to make background walls and special effects, and can be used in the waterless area of the bathroom.

Note: The price(s) shown above is (are) for white paints only. A tinting fee is charged for paints of other colours.

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Payment:  Payable to i-Green Element Limited, A/C No. 012-594-00050263, Bank Of China (HK)

Address: Unit 304, 3/F, Hope Sea Industrial Centre, 26 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Country of Origin: Finland
Base paints: ‘A’ and ‘C’ paints. ‘A’ paint is white in colour and can be applied directly or upon being tinted, ‘C’ paint cannot be applied directly and must be tinted before use.
Chemical resistance: Resistant to cleaning agents and weak solvents.
Application Details:

Can be applied once per liter of 1-9 square meters, depending on the painting method used:

Rough roller 1-1.5 square meters / liter; fine roller 4-5 square meters / liter; brushes 2-2.5 square meters / liter; thick scrapers 2-2.5 square meters / liter; thin scrapers 7-9 square meters / liter.

Drying time: At a temperature of 23 ° C and a relative humidity of 50%, it can be repainted after 24 hours.
Color range: Please refer to Tentum Color Card. Lighting conditions and product surface effects will affect the final color effect. The product must be premixed before toning.
Instructions for use:

Unpainted surface:

Remove dirt and dust from the surface, if necessary, use a batch of ash to make the surface smooth. All untreated surfaces should be primed with Fenlin Universal Primer. It is recommended to apply the color-adjusted Nova 7 degree interior wall paint once or twice.

Painted surface:

Carefully elute the previous coating with a cleaning agent or water. If necessary, use a suitable quick-drying putty to smooth the surface, use sandpaper to polish the shiny surface until it is rough, and remove dust.

Application Conditions: The surface must be dry, the temperature should be above 5 ° C, and the relative humidity should be below 80%.
Painting: Before use, you must stir well, then paint with a roller, then use a wide brush, wallpaper knife, hard brush or pattern roller to make various effects.
Storage: This coating is water-based paint and is strictly protected against freezing. For unused paint, the bucket lid must be tightly closed for next use.